Best Home Skee ball Games

Skee ball was probably the first arcade game I truly loved. They had a row of them at my local kid’s arcade. I loved to play them, even though they offered very few tickets for winning. So, of course, I wanted to have one in my own home when I finally had space.

Why Skee Ball?

Skee ball is just one of those fun arcade games that use little technology to create a fun game that is visually pleasing.


So oddly enough, compared to the other arcade machines, skee ball isn’t that pricey. For a full-size set, the price generally ranges from 400 to 1,000 USD. The most expensive machines tend to cost 6,000 USD. While this may seem like a lot, most modern arcade games range from 10,000 to 30,000 USD. So this isn’t that expensive.

Regular vs Micro

So there are numerous types of skee ball machines.

Regular is the type you will see at an arcade. It is usually 8 to 10 feet long

Micro is a miniature set that is either for children or office use.

What you want will depend on the amount of space you have. If you are in an apartment then you will probably want a micro. If you are in a house or you have a devoted room (like me), you will definitely want a full-size. It really depends on your personal needs. Only you can make the right decision. You know what is best for your household.

The rest of the article will focus on highly rated new machines. If you want to look at vintage or used machines try ebay When shopping on ebay for machines, make sure to see if the machines still work. If the price seems to good to be true. . . it probably is.

Regular Skee Ball Machines

Ready, Aim, and Throw

The first contender for a regular skee ball machine is the 9 feet long Aim and Throw. Known for its good quality, the only real negative about this machine is that there is some assembly required. Otherwise it is a top quality skeeball machine priced at under $500. This would be a great choice for any household that could fit its full length size.

This machine is the best value for the price.

Roll and Score

This 10-foot long machine is priced a bit higher than the previous one. It costs just under $800 dollars. However, it is rated higher than the previous machines and comes from a more trusted company. Assembly is required, just like the previous machine. However, the instructions are much easier to follow.

The vintage look of this machine will give a more authentic feel to your game room. Although it may not match the tone of more flash, modern games.

One feature that I truly love in this arcade game is the 90-day warranty. This should be very helpful. During the first few months as a new game in your house, your game will be played a lot. While not as extensive of a warranty as the really expensive ones, they also sell replacement parts.

This machine is one of the best quality ones out there. Especially for the price.

Micro Skee Ball Machine

Sharper Image

This mini machine is perfect for either an office or children's use. It is cute, cheap, and electronically scores your game. It is 3-feet long and includes a battery and a tiny shooter. At under $40 this machine is perfect for a little extra fun.

Overall, this is a great choice for a smaller space.

Game Room Essential

Everyone know that there are clothing essentials: items that everyone needs in their closets. Pieces like blue jeans and white shirts fall into this list.

What not many know is that there are also arcade essentials. Games that everyone must have in their game room. Games that really make an arcade, an arcade. Skee ball is not only one of those examples but also a the primary example. I have never been in an arcade without skee ball. It just wouldn't feel right.

Skee ball is an arcade essential.