How to Home Theatre

How to Home Theatre. An odd phrase indeed, but a good one. This phrase encompasses how to plan, create, and maintain a home theatre. Luckily, so does this article.  Who doesn't want a relaxing home theatre to have the magic of seeing a movie at home without changing from your pjs!  This room will make a perfect edition to your house either as a hangout, romantic getaway or a family room.  Whatever you want out of your room this guide will provide a way to make it.

Note: Each section will be elaborated with a bigger, more dedicated article. This piece will be an overview of what you can do!

Plan, Plan, Plan

This one is either the funnest or the most boring part depending on your personality. But, it is  an extremely necessary step.  Done properly, this will ensure you have a wonderful home theatre to make your friends jealous for years to come. Done improperly, your room could look like hoarder zone.  

So what do you absolutely need to do? Measure! This needs to be your number one priority. I know it can be annoying but it is also really vital. You don't want to end up without space for all your items or cramming them into every spare inch. I even recommend measuring the walls . As silly as this may sound, you don't want to cram your wall decor together.

Spacing is extremely important for a movie room because, if your screen isn't far away enough from your couch, you could really hurt your neck. This could ruin your movie experience!

Budget! A home theatre can end up being pretty expensive. You need to decide upfront how much you want to spend. And, here is the important part, choose the items first.  If you don't, you may end up not being able to afford a vital part of the room. So plan upfront which items you want. Make sure to include room decor. If you don't , your room may end up looking like an asylum more than a comfy theatre  Do you want reproduction posters or real movie props? This could change the budget greatly!

If you only have a limited amount to spend, you need to decide what the most important part of the room is. Usually, the projector and screen are considered the most important parts.


The projector really is the part that controls your viewing experience. There are so many projectors to choose from! From duds to delights, your sure to find your perfect projector. 

Due to the influx of home theatres, the cost of a projector has greatly decreased. While projectors used to cost a couple thousand, they now only cost a couple hundred.  Of course you can still get super-high quality projectors for your site for a couple thousands.  

You do want to make sure you get a projector from a good company so that you can send it back if it has defects.

Movie Player

You will of course need a device that plays movies.  Whether that be a roku stick or a VHS player is up to you. You might even want to connect multiple devices.  It really depends if your current collection is physical, digital, or rental. Make sure you are able to connect the player to the projector. This may involve buying an extension cord or a shelf. 


There are tons of different screen types such as pull-down, fixed-frame, or motorized.  As you may have guessed, some are manual while others are automatic. 

If budget is an issue for you, just use white drapes or curtains. Many people choose this option so that they can choose the size.


There are also tons of different speaker types for tons of different budget types.

The most expensive of which is surround sound which generally comes with 5 to 7 different speakers for different parts of the room. Some of these even come with ceiling speakers to make the movie experience completely immersive.

For smaller rooms and budgets, sound bars work very well.

There are hundreds if not thousands of other speakers. Way too many to be discussed in the overview.


Furniture seems like a very simple section. But, there are many things you want to consider while choosing a piece of furniture.

Some questions to consider while looking at furniture are, how many people do you want to fit? And would you rather be comfy or stylish?  While it is possible to have both comfy and stylish pieces but they are a bit harder to find. To me, comfort is more important than the aesthetic, but it might be the other way around for you. 


This is definitely  one of the funnest parts as one item can alter the look and feel of your whole room. There are so many cool ideas for different decoration. You could use real props or set like decoration. Or you can incorporate elements of a regular movie theatre with posters.  You can even do wild and decorate for a specific genre of film like rom-com or horror. The possibilities are nearly endless. The predicted budget could be as small or as big as you want.


There are so many neat little extras you could add from a popcorn machine to a disco ball. Whatever you decide remember that this room is ultimately up to you and your taste.

Remember to have fun with this. It can sometimes seem overwhelming, but, if you take it step-by-step you can accomplish nearly anything.

 "Never Give up, never surrender!" - Galaxy Quest